Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"I Wonder" Wednesday

I wonder why these stinkin' Christmas treats taste. so. good! I just can't stop eating these sweeties. My tummy is starting to hurt. I am beginning to wonder if, perhaps, it was not a good idea to make nine varieties of Christmas treats.

This year, my mom and I made:

- shortbread
- shortbread chocolate chip skor bars
- turtle bars
- raspberry crumble bars
- peanut butter balls
- chocolate coated almond toffee
- tingalings
- almond bark
- white chocolate mint raspberry candy

The Christmas festivities my fabulous dude and I are involved in begin this weekend and they couldn't come soon enough. I am so excited to begin the holiday season with family and friends! But more importantly, I am excited to give some baking away so I WILL STOP EATING IT!

So, perhaps my question should be, I wonder why I have no self-control?

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P.S. The difference in font style and size was not meant for dramatic effect. This thing is giving me a hard time this morning and I don't have time to fool with it - I have more baking to eat ... I mean ... umm...

P.S.S. When I posted about making toffee, I mentioned that I was concerned that I had not boiled it long enough and that it was not thick enough. I was right ... it's very ooey, gooey. Too ooey, gooey. It is still in the freezer in one piece. I guess I am hoping if I leave it in there long enough it will miraculously form itself into perfectly set deliciousness. Not happening, I'm afraid.

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