Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just realized as of today that my blog was set up so that only registered users could leave comments. I discovered this when someone who does not have a blog said they tried to comment and were not able to put in their name or be anonymous. I have changed this, so now anyone will be able to comment. Happy Weekend.

On another note ... I'm slightly disappointed in the results of my latest poll. I really thought that chocoholics were going to take over the earth. The "Only eat chocolate for the rest of your life" option was well in the lead for most of the week but in the last leg of the race, those anti-chocoholics came out from hiding and ended up winning. Too bad, no chocolate for them.


Logi said...

Your banner looks AWESOME!! Love it!

Tereasa said...

I'm glad you picked this background. It's the one I thought fit you the most, but I wasn't sure if it would match your banner. I think it looks great! Good job. You are becoming a seasoned blogger, my friend!

Holly said...

Hi, L (are you incognito in blogland?)! I do remember you. I'm glad you found my blog and I'd be happy for you to put it on your blogroll (I think you might be the first!).
I'll be sure to check out your Thrifty Thursdays, as well as the rest of your blog.

Holly said...

P.S. I'll put you on my blogroll too.