Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Really Cool Bloggys

Recently, I came across this really cool blog (365 days of crock potting) when my friend, T, posted it on her blog after hearing of it from a friend. After looking around there, I also stumbled across The Grocery Cart Challenge and $5 Dinners.

If there are three things that are true about me they are that 1. I love to cook good food, 2. I love to eat good food, and 3. I love to save money on the good food that I am going to cook and eat.

These blogs have some very creative ideas about to save money and still cook good food. I used to think I used my crock pot a lot, shopped quite frugally and wisely until I "met" Stephanie, Gayle and the $5 dinner mom. It is important to me to be wise when it comes to managing what we've been given. It is my responsibility to be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed us with. I don't even have kids yet, I just have one hungry husband to feed, and I find it difficult to stay on budget while still eating well-balanced meals. I am amazed to see these women who are feeding a family (some even feeding teenagers!) and doing it so frugally.

If you are someone who likes to cook, eat and be frugal, you should take a minute to check out these blogs for some great ideas.


Tereasa said...

Thanks L! I'll have to spend more time looking at those sites. Isn't it amazing how much joy we receive when taking care of the fam AND saving money? I am constantly amazed at your maturity. I had no clue about menu planning and budgeting when I was your age!

Tereasa said...

BTW, Did you know you could rename my blog in your bloglist? Just go to the edit box and click "rename." Voila!

Lucy Marie said...

there, i changed it. i wasn't sure why it kept showing up like that. thanks!

Tereasa said...

I was just visiting $5 Dinners and read that she has two sons with Chiari Malformation. L, I have never met or heard of anyone else who has it!!