Monday, September 22, 2008

Computer Advice

I am contemplating purchasing a new computer in the new year. The laptop I am using currently is less than two years old (I bought it January '07) but it is just not that great. Regrettably, it was an ill-advised, hasty purchase. My old laptop - the sweet Toshiba that was faithful to my brother and I for so long - breathed her last breaths just days before my second term of third year began. I was in a pickle and needed to get a new laptop ASAP, so I basically purchased the first "good deal" that I saw. Now, less than two years later, I am regretting that decision.

So, here I am asking for your advice, opinions, thoughts and suggestions. Should I go ahead and buy a new computer? Should I hold out until this one is no longer functional? Laptop? Desktop? Mac? PC? Leave a comment to let me know what has/has not worked for you, and whether or not you have any advice when shopping for computers.



Emily MacKenzie said...

It depends what your primary purpose for this computer? I'm guessing school work, but does that mean you need it to be mobile (laptop), do you need it mostly for writing up papers? Will you need to load on programs for your school work?
I don't have much experience with Macs (though I hear good things). Dell has served me well. Not the cheapest, but good quality and should last ya.
I like laptops, but they will take more wear and not likely last you as long as a desktop.
Not sure if any of this helps. Good luck!

Evan Kirkland said...

I think your computer is good enough. Do you still have your windows cd, or a recovery cd that came with it??? Might just need to re-fresh it.

Thats what I would do if I were u. Save your money for a christmas present for me.

Tereasa said...

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Anonymous said...

Yo. I don't have advice in terms of what kind of computer to get, but if you do get a new one and need Microsoft Office software, I suggest going here:

I bought it last year when I was at Nipissing. It is legit, and has worked great for me.