Friday, July 25, 2008

Chocolate Milk Iced Espresso

I am currently on Manitoulin Island visiting my sister (K), her husband (D) and their new baby. My mom and I are both here to help out around the house as they get adjusted to parenthood. Mom is planning to spend two weeks up here and I will be here for three. Luckily (or perhaps UNluckily), they live across the street from Manitoulin Chocolate Works. This chocolate factory has the most unbelievable treats.

Up until yesterday I have been very successful at keeping myself away from those sinful treats. This is quite surprising as I have already been here a week and usually make a trip to the chocolate factory everyday while I am up here. I guess this time since I am here for an extended period of time I decided that going there every day for 3 weeks would not be acceptable. Anyway, K & D are not only adjusting to a new baby but are also in the process of moving to a new house. They got possession of the house one week before the baby came (he came early) but thankfully, are able to remain in their apartment until the end of August, leaving them time to do renovations and move gradually. Yesterday Mom ventured over to the chocolate shop to see if they had any boxes we could use for packing. When she returned boxless she reported that they had a fresh batch of Belgian Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes. So, she said she was grabbing her wallet and heading over to get us a treat and that she might grab a specialty coffee while she was at it. Kristin let her know that they no longer serve specialty coffee in the summer but that she thinks they may have iced cappuccinos. I was feeling a bit draggy after having a night of little sleep from helping with the baby so I thought I'd go with her and see if I couldn't wake myself up a bit with an iced cap.

I got there and chose an iced espresso made with chocolate milk. Now, let me mention that I am not a coffee drinker. It does not agree with my tummy and it usually makes me feel quite sick so I try to avoid it. But, I do like an iced cap every so often. Not 15 minutes after purchasing this beverage and I was FLYING high. I was singing, dancing and laughing. Immediately I knew that I was going to have a problem for the next few weeks.

This morning I woke up after another night of little sleep - this time the baby was not the only thing to blame - I couldn't sleep because the caffeine from the iced espresso was still in my system. You would think this would teach me my lesson, but no, I woke up thinking of iced espressos made with chocolate milk, salivating over the thought of the cool, sweet treat. However, I knew it would not be wise to be spending 2.75 on a treat like this everyday so I thought, hey, I can make my own right here at home.

So, after lunch, I got the blender out, emptied a tray of ice into it, poured some coffee, chocolate milk and French vanilla creamer in and voila - the blender was not put together properly and I had my ingredients pouring out everywhere - all over the counter! K had gone to lay down for a rest so I was trying not to be loud, calling my Mom to come to my rescue. She grabbed a bowl and we managed to get most of the drink into the bowl before it ended up on the counter. We wiped up the sticky mess and I fiddled with the blender until I was sure it was together properly.

Round two - I poured the remains of my drink back into the blender and added a bit more of everything to compensate for what had been lost on the counter. I placed the lid on the blender, turned it on and anxiously awaited the finished product. When it was done it didn't look quite the same as yesterday's delight as it was a bit more runny but, no problem, I was confident that it would be just as delicious and give me the same boost of energy.

I poured the iced coffee into a cup and lifted the cup to my lips with great anticipation. I took a big swig and .... PHEW ... spit it straight into the sink. It was so disgusting I couldn't even manage to swallow it. "Here, Mom, try it", I said. She took a sip and gave the drink the exact same review that I had given it. My creative thinking and great effort had ended up producing a watery, nasty, unswallowable, absolutely pathetic attempt at an iced espresso.

So, one sticky mess, $5.50 and a few laughs later ...

...we are quite content.

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